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Kiosk Access Point and Lake Kioshkokwi

Algonquin gothic. We have no idea how many bugs await us.

Irene before the bugs hit. Doesn't she look happy? And so much exposed flesh!


You have no idea what I went through to get these sunset shots.

I hope you appreciate them.

Regardless of how repetitive they are.


Ant Island, Manitou Lake, breakfast. Mmm. Eggs.

She seems serene for someone experiencing chicken pox revisited.

On North Tea Lake. Happy to be paddling.


How many portages did you say?

Seagull in Tree Position, Biggar Lake

Irene assembles her Thermarest Throne.


Irene swims Biggar Lake

Morning, Biggar Lake.

Our cozy tent nook.


Morning, Biggar Lake. Somehow morning people start to make sense out here.

Biggar Lake

Three Mile Lake. Irene demonstrates in-canoe yoga.


Three Mile Lake. Irene encountering ziploc carnage.

Almost sunset, Three Mile Lake

Morning, Three Mile Lake


Irene retrieves the food pack. Note the distinct lack of vulnerable flesh.

Three Mile Lake

Three Mile Lake


Three Mile Lake

Irene doing water pumping meditation

Maple Lake


Maple Lake

Maple Lake

Skyward on Maple Lake


Maple Lake

Maple Lake. Irene scrapes through the pages of a book she's not really into. Ah the perils of light weight camping. No neoprene book cart.

Maple Lake


Sunset on Maple Lake. How we saw it.