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Day 5

9:30pm, June 25, 2003 Rideau and Charlotte, Ottawa

My tent, my shoes, my sandals and anything else that won't fit into the washing machine is airing on my porch. There's a load of laundry in, and there's a pot of pasta cooking on a stove rather larger than the one I was using this morning.

I'm home.

This morning began around 6:30am or so. We figured we had about four hours' travel to get back to the park station at Kiosk and the the car. We had pancakes for breakfast, and were on the water for 9am.

On the up side, we got to poke around a bit on Maple Lake. On the down side our dead reckoning let us down again. We headed too far right, kept heading right, all the way round the lake 'til we got back to our campsite. Fifty minutes out of the way. Oops. We did, however manage to spot a massive turtle.

By 9:50 we found our way off Maple Lake and started the creek hop along Maple Creek toward Kioshkokwi. The creek is marshy and meandering, and can be obstructed by beaver dams. We had to do one liftover, but managed to find our way around several others.

The portages - all six of them - are quite hilly. We were following the creek mostly downhill to Kioshkokwi. Going upstream would be a drag for sure. The metrage: 130, 805, 630, 90, 190 and 775.

It's a bit of a slog, but bafflingly, the bugs weren't bad.

We hit Kioshkokwi Lake just after noon. The wind was up and blowing in from the West. It was bouncy but manageable. We surfed a few waves and bow hit beach at about 1PM.

We had lunch and had a chat with the park office owner/operator. She told us the bugs had been unbelievably bad - so bad that the Saturday we arrived was the first day she'd dared go outside.

Irene asked about the machine noise drone we'd heard for the last two nights. She told us they still log Algonquin Park. Until the end of June every year. We filed a noise complaint. For more information see:

Appalling to think that logging is still permitted in a protected park. Ah well, this is Tory Ontario.

The ride home was hot and plagued by construction. It seems they're tearing up all of Highway 17. After a swim and lunch, we left for Ottawa at 2:15pm.

We took the requisite ice cream break in Deep River and pushed on home, arriving at around 7pm, easily an hour later than expected because of the various construction slowdowns on Highway 17.