Lessons and wisdom

Candle lanterns are good things. They can warm your tent for you. I lit it and left hanging from the roof of my tent for a goodly time before heading in.

Slippers are useless. I bring them on trips because they fold up into nothing and in summer are perfect for wearing at the campsite. But in fall they don't provide enough insulation.

Fall footwear in general poses a problem for paddlers. Wearing sandals is pretty much out of the question. Lynn wore rubber boots. That seemed like the best bet. But you'd want to change for hiking and I wouldn't want to be wearing them if we capsized.

Maybe those neoprene kayaking booties? Again, you'd need a change for walking. What to do what to do? I ended up wearing my hiking boots but was a bit useless loading and unloading because my boots are rain and splash proof, but not immersion proof.

Thermarest chairs are useless in rain.

There is an unofficial portage that goes between George Lake and OSA Lake, so if you want to skip the whole round about route on your way west, look for it on the north shore of the lake, east of the canoe launch.

That down vest would have come in real handy.


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