Gear fetishism

Mountain Equipment Co-op
Good value for money on all sorts of outdoor gear. Given the location of their Ottawa retail store, we can be grateful for their on-line version. Some fairly serious canoe tripping gear, but things like food barrells, foldable sinks, canoe packs you have to go to either...

Always worth a visit, because they carry stuff that neither MEC nor Trailhead carry. The store’s web site now has a store on it. A bit off-the-shelf, but I imagine you can get to work.

Dreadful web site but at least you can find out what they offer on rental and what it costs. They sell the widest variety of canoe tripping gear, but their clothing is more style than substance. MEC is usually better for clothing

Killarney Outfitters
Can’t vouch for the other myriad services their site offers, but once I rented canoes from them and it worked fabulously. They keep their boats under lock and key at George Lake. You plunk down your plastic, pick up the key and get your boat of the rack and dump it in the lake. It never goes on top of the car. You gotta like that. They were good canoes too.

Parks, routes and places

Canadian Canoe Routes
All-purpose advice, information and wisdom site. Terrific compendium of information, routes and trip diaries. The route we chose was listed there. We modified it slightly.

Friends of Killarney Park
The keepers of the flame. Official publishers of maps and guidebooks for the park. The Killarney Park canoe guide is well worth the price.

Ontario Parks dot com
This site promises a lot but really, if you want to reserve a backcountry trip like ours, the only use it has is the 800 number that you call to book a trip. The wacky quota system they’ve developped seems to encourage block booking and if you don’t book five months in advance, your reservation can be up in the air til you arrive at the gate.

Sportsman’s Inn
The longest-standing hotel in the town of Killarney. Can’t say a thing about it. I would have sent you to the Killarney Bay Inn, but their web site is 404. Google did find this page in french.

Other trip journals

The Kiosk Loop
I did a canoe trip through the north end of Algonquin Park, with my partner Irene Jansen in June 2003.

Palmer Rapids
I spent a weekend learning to paddle whitewater with the Ottawa Y Canoe Camping Club at Palmer Rapids on the Madawaska River in May 2003.

Bruce Trail trip
Kathy, Karin and I spend a week at the north end of the Bruce Peninsula, hiking, kayaking and gawking.

Chris’s French River trip
I did a canoe trip with the Ottawa Y Canoe Camping Clug on the French River in July 2002. Here’s my trip report.

Chris’s Georgian Bay trip
I did a sea-kayaking trip with the Ottawa Outing Club in August 2002. Here’s my trip report.

Killarney trip
I did a canoe trip with some friends in Killarney Provincial Park in July 2001. Here’s our group journal.

Chris’s Temagami trip
I did a canoe trip with the Ottawa Outing Club in Temagami in July 2000. Here’s my trip report.


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