Day 4

Monday, October 14th, 2002, 2:30pm

We just got underway, headed back to Ottawa.

We got up today at 7am to clear skies and sun. No wind. How many among you, dear readers, predicted this?

We had canoe trip egg mcmuffins for breakfast and were on the water by just after 10am. It stayed calm and sunny pretty much until we put in at George Lake at around noon.

We had a leftover lunch on the beach at George Lake and reshuffled the food, the gear and the boats. Michael conveniently wanted to head back to Ottawa in a hurry so we skipped the proposed Mattawa turkey dinner. Not much to recommend it for a vegetarian.

We stopped at the vistor’s centre, signed up to be friends of Killarney Park, bought some souvenirs (I did) and maps, and headed off.

I desperately hope, in the name of weather karma, it starts to pour.

10pm, Ottawa

Of course, it didn’t. It was sunny and gorgeous, all the way home. We drove out of a beautiful pink sunset, all the way home.


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