Day 2

Killarney Lake, 10:00pm, Saturday October 12, 2002

What a miserable climate we have. I slept fairly well, somewhat fitfully, but overall, warmth was good. It was still dark when we woke up. But wake we did and we headed to meet Richard and Lynn at the KBI for 7:45. After a greasy spoon breakfast, we went back to George Lake to launch. We did the necessary futzing about, met up with John and Diane (who it turns out had occupied the site next to mine) and headed out by 10am.

The weather. What can we say about the weather? Ahem. With respect to the weather. With regards to the weather. As pertains to the weather. Erm. Wretched. Drizzle or rain all day. Windy and foggy. We couldn’t even see the tops of the mountains.

We made it to Killarney Lake, I think, by about 1pm. We went from George to Freeland, to Killarney. Two portages, one about 80m the other, 400m. I tried Richard’s traditional paddles-as-portage-yoke method of carryin a canoe. I think it’s an acquired taste. I helped Michael portage his sea kayak and decided (as did we all, I think) that sea kayaks are good for big, open water.

We were running late and after a lunch of cheese, pickled eggplant, olives and sundried tomatoes, we decided just to hike the 3km portage to Three Narrows Lake. We were back for 5:30pm. And yes, it was still drizzling. But we set up three tarps when we arrived, and the rain let up around the time we were wanting to set our tents up. A major bonus.

The rain also makes me understand bringing those collapsible camp chairs. I won’t use my thermarest chair because I’m not risking getting my thermarest wet. And the wet ground also makes it hard to find somewhere to sit. But plusses from the day include the long underwear and fleece shirt I bought. Yes, it’s true they can be soaking wet and still keep you warm.

Dinner was spaghetti and tomato sauce. Michael very kindly cooked a separate vegetarian batch for me. We worked mostly in darkness, but for the very intense glow of John and Diane’s Coleman lantern.

We yapped, mostly trading tripping stories, until about 9:30pm, when we all went to bed.

A fun day, but I don’t know if I could take a week of this weather. I was warm, but damp. I think the stink would get to me.

A miss: I dropped my camera bag in George Lake as we were putting in. It still works (I think) but the lenses are all fogged and damp. I miss my digital.

Another miss: the crowds. Despite the wretched weather a lot of the sites are booked. In fact the interior sites are all booked this weekend. Everywhere. There are these jerks across the lake screaming Lucy in the sky with diamonds. Badly. Really badly.

That’s it for me then.


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