Killarney Thanksgiving 2002 Trip Journal

Thanksgiving weekend is, for most canoe campers, the end of the paddling season. And that’s just fine. Quite sensible, really. I mean, it is Canada. It gets cold here. Starting about Thanksgiving, in fact.

So canoe campers put the paddles away by around now. But not before one last hurrah. This is the tale of one such hurrah.

Three days by canoe and by foot in the interior of Killarney Provincial Park, organized under the auspices of the National Capital Region YMCA Canoe Camping Club.

The cast of characters: Richard Todd (leader), Diane, John, Lynn, Michael and Chris, your most unworthy correspondent.

This is my version of the trip. If there are errors, insults or issues, you can lay the blame at my feet.

This trip marked the 35th anniversay of Richard Todd’s love affair with Killarney Park and the northeast end of Georgian Bay. I’m grateful to him for sharing his knowledge, wit and experience with all of us as the leader of this trip. Thanks too, to all my trip mates, but especially to Lynn for putting up with my opinionated prattle in the canoe and to Michael for driving.


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