dawn on Balsam Lake
the so-called trail to Silver Peak
climbing. lots.
atop Silver Peak
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7:30pm Wednesday July 18th, 2001, David Lake

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cmkl: This is an amazing park. We climbed Silver Peak today, amid discussions of this book about the sleaze that has become the Climb-Everest Industry. Killarney is a series of mountain ranges, some pink granite, some white quartzite. Silver Peak is one of the higher quartzite peaks. And it is staggeringly beautiful.

We left Balsam Lake at about 9:30am and portaged 665m into David Lake, a fairly popular lake indeed.

The portage has some steep bits but it seems like we did it without flinching. The status of prince of pain pack has gone from food barrell to the green rubber canoe pack.

We're eating well: last night was chick pea curry with rice. And we've been eating a lot which means that Mauril is losing weight.

On David, Karin and I made aggressively for some of the camp sites near the trail to Silver Peak, while Lynne and Cathy gathered intelligence (qv) from other trippers.

David is likely the biggest lake we'll be on but it's still pretty small by Algonquin or Temagami standards. By 11:30 we had paddled across to our intended destination and had as many as three sites to choose from. We settled on #104, which is connected to the portage/trailhead by an informal path.

The site was physically nice, but in terrible shape ecologically speaking. There were white rabbits (Lynne says the Nepalese call them European prayer flags) everywhere. There were many birch trees girdled for bark. Many limbs and small trees cut down for firewood, chunks of half-burned logs in the fire pit, because of course new wood doesn't burn.

It's actually in worse shape than the closed site we used a couple of nights ago, I think.

kj The bugs are a huge issue for me - got eaten alive on our portage today and spent the rest of the day with toothpaste smeared all over the worst of the fresh bites. I think I doubled my number of bug bites on that portage. But toothpaste helps.

Our hike was amazing we...

ed note: at this point a huge water snake sprung out of the lake and swallowed Karin whole. It was all we could do to save the journal.

lp: Balsam Lake to David Lake #104. Empty. Empty except for ten rolls of used TP. Our camper karma points shot up immensely after cleaning up after disrespectful campers peeeeuw. Stinky campfire that night but I skip ahead too fast.

After arriving at our peninsula campsite and setting up camp we set out to climb Silver Peak. Five hours up and down. We started at 1pm after a cheese and almond butter pita lunch. We loaded up the dromedaire with 5 litres of H20. Our route:

Lynne's map of our route
[see map]

My highlight so far was the hike - the part where we weren't lost and got to gasp and gawk at the majority of the La Cloche Range, the Bay and the lakes from whence we came. The dipperoo in David Lake upon our return made me forget the little aches and pains and tiny moment of despair when were lost among the false cairns.

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