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Name: matt, cutting-matt_AT_large
From:ottawa, canada
Date: Thu Oct 11 12:10:13 2001


finally, i've been recovered from the debris on top of lynne's fridge and have access to a computer. now that i see what you did without me i wish i was still stuck to the pizza box bottom. oh how could you have left without me...i'm upset and feel worthless. goodbye. matt

Name: mike, mike_AT_flora_DoT_org
From:Ottawa, Canada
Date: Mon Aug 27 23:48:45 2001


Lovely Page Chris..

Name: Andy, g4nut_AT_mac_DoT_com
From:Small town, Sk, Canada
Date: Wed Aug 8 21:05:26 2001


Excellent report Chris! As usual entertaining to the eye as well as the mind. I envy you and your travel chums. Take care and thanks for brighting up a summer day on the prairies for me.

Name: Peter Nixon, Peter_DoT_Nixon_AT_kp_DoT_org
From:Concord, USA
Date: Tue Aug 7 19:24:32 2001


Looks like you guys had a great time. Chris, thanks for sending along the link. Great job on the site. Forgot you used to be the Daily photo editor. Perhaps we should put -you- on the cover of McGill News.

Name: The Raccoons, E-Mail: raccoons_AT_georgelake_DoT_org
From:George Lake, Killarney
Date: Mon Aug 6 14:24:37 2001

Hey! When are you guys coming back? Bring less tofu and more bagels, k?

Name: Mister Orange
E-Mail: orange_AT_overalls_DoT_com
From:Paradise, Canada
Date: Mon Aug 6 14:21:49 2001

Hey! Where'd you people go? That was just starting to get interesting. Geez. I feel kind of hurt.

Name: Hugh Jahwatersnake
E-Mail: hugh_AT_lurkinginthelake_DoT_com
City: Killarney
Country: Canada
Date: Mon Aug 6 14:19:07 2001

So I missed you this time. Just you wait til next time. I'm sharpening my fangs and storing up my venom.