The intrepid trippers
big white rock viewed from George Lake

Killarney Park wilderness trip

Wherein four friends pool their gear, cram food into a big blue plastic barrell, throw it all into a car and drive six hours north and west from Ottawa to Killarney Provincial Park, “the jewel of Ontario’s park system,” just south of Sudbury.

These pages are the photos we took and the thoughts we wrote down in a tacky, plaid-covered notebook during our six day trip through this stunningly beautiful bit of wilderness.

Some of the language is colourful. But if you’ve ever hauled 35 kilos on your back across a kilometre of wilderness trail you’ll understand why it’s got to be that way.

Use the links above or on the right to read our wilderness-crazed rantings and look at the photos we took. For more information on backcountry tripping in Ontario, gear, and routes, including the site where we found the route we did, visit our links page.

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