Ishpatina Ridge

September 16 – 20, 2005

Day 3

Sunday September 18, 7:20pm, Scarecrow Lake

Rain karma lesson 1: Put up a tarp to ensure that rain does not fall.

Rain karma lesson 2: If you want it to rain, leave your camp for a day trip with some important piece or pieces of equipment exposed to rain. Leave your fly off your tent or leave your hiking boots out to dry, for example.

Rain karma lesson 3: If it starts to rain, and you have observed lesson two, paddle back to your campsite at speed to rescue your gear. The rain will stop and the sun will reappear.

Rain karma lesson 4: If you want it to rain again, take advantage of the returned sun to wash your muddy clothes and hang them out to dry. Rain will recur before they’re dry enough to wear.

Today we decided to do a leisurely day trip to explore the area a bit further south. We’re always thinking about the next trip, and Scarecrow Lake empties into a couple of lakes at the head of the Sturgeon River, a major Temagami thoroughfare.

We headed toward Hamlow Lake under sunny, windless skies at around 9:30. We figured it would be another sunny warm day. I should note that there were cottony soft clouds about the sky, and there was a wind coming up, but hey, why worry about a little vapour up in the ether?

The paddling was a bit boney. There were a few creeks we passed through where we walked the boats, but we found a couple of campsites and we got a good look around.

We stopped for lunch at noon near the portage into Stull Lake. It had clouded over by then and as we headed back towards Scarecrow, it started raining. Suddenly the black canoe lifted itself from the water as Michael and Ken tore across lake after lake. It had been my day to solo and I had been impressed with my ability to keep up with the tandems. But my illusion lay shattered and soaking in the bog water in the bottom of my canoe as the carbon Quetico planed across Scarecrow Lake on a desperate mission.

We were back at 2:30pm, in time for the rain to stop. We set all our stuff out to dry, went for a brief swim (very brisk - I don’t do cold well) and proceeded to bask in the sun... for about an hour until the rain started again.

That evening Ken cooked us a complete three course meal complete with white wine. (I understand Chardonnays are lighter weight than Sauvignons). The rain left us alone again, so we put on a good fire and plotted future trips.

The coffee being: Michael’s typically failsafe coffee production method. (Markus Wandel photo)

The coffee being: Michael’s typically failsafe coffee production method. (Markus Wandel photo)

Talking the canoes out for a walk in search of new things, Day 3. (Markus Wandel photo)

Taking the canoes out for a walk In search of new things, Day 3. (Markus Wandel photo)

Milking time at the Nalgene farm. (Markus Wandel photo)

Milking time at the Nalgene ranch (Markus Wandel photo)

Mappies by headlamp. (Markus Wandel photo)

Mappies by headlamp (Markus Wandel photo)