Gros Morne

August 20 to September 5, 2005

Deer Lake

Sept 4, 9:22pm, Deer Lake Motel, Room 128

Somehow Irene has packed everything up. Extra food, blankets, sleeping bag, everything. It is, in my view, a miracle. It's all good to go for our 5:15am wake up call. How I love early mornings.

The motel is right on the Trans Canada highway and there's traffic all night. But the room is clean and it's classic drive-up to the door, which actually suits us quite well.

The trucks sound like airplanes. But the motel has high-speed internet. And me without my computer.

We hung out and read in Woody Point, at the Discovery Centre, waiting for a break in the weather, and when it looked like it might clear, we hiked up the lookout again.

The wind blew ferocious and cold. The season is clearly changing here.

After we came back from the Lookout, we drove here, checked in, found the Canton Chinese restaurant which offers what you might expect in an asian restaurant in a remote part of a remote province which is not in China.

But it was tastier than much of the restaurant food I'd had of late, so I appreciated it, certainly much more than I would have appreciated left over camp food.

We're leaving some stuff - the apple sauce, the tomato soup and the stove fuel. Can't seem to give it away. I'm sure the cleaners get all sorts of wierd presents from their guests.

I'm looking forward to getting home.

We fly at 6am to Montréal, then wait a bit and then fly on to Ottawa. We'll get in around 10am so we'll have the day to unpack, clean up and get ready for... sigh... work.

Good night.

Self portrait: Holding on for dear life atop the Lookout

Self portrait: Holding on for dear life atop the Lookout

Dramatic: Gros Morne Mountain

Dramatic: Gros Morne Mountain