Gros Morne

August 20 to September 5, 2005


These pages recount my and my partner Irene Jansen's summer holiday in Gros Morne National Park and the western and northern parts of Newfoundland.

Gros Morne is an astounding place. It's spectacularly beautiful. It boggles my mind that more isn't written about it and that it isn't entirely overrun by wilderness seekers.

We spent two weeks and two days there, the first time (I'm embarassed to say) that either of us had been to Newfoundland. We did lots of hiking, some sight seeing, camped, stayed in B&Bs and drove around a lot.

And we didn't even see the whole place. We saw enough of it to realize that Newfoundland is actually many places. It's mountainous, tundra, rocky, sandy, tree-covered and barren.

We were to go kayaking in Gwaii Hanaas (formerly known as the Queen Charlottes) and had booked our tickets on Aeroplan points. But my bike accident derailed those plans so we decided to change coasts and methods of travel entirely.

There are photos and a narrative of our travels. I also invite comments. I've organized the journals by place, rather than by day to keep the menu short.

Obligatory warning

The narrative describes Irene and I doing activities (hiking) that have caused people irreparable harm. You wouldn't think it, but carefully putting one foot in front of the other can kill you. So please, before you go doing any of this stuff, read some books, practice at home, seek professional help, etc etc because this is not a camping HOW-TO site and I am no expert.

Spooky fog: The summit, Gros Morne Mountain.

Tablelands: Tablelands. Peridotite, the rust/mustard coloured rock, is hard to grow on.

Oooh ah: Sunset, Trout River Pond.