All photos from day 6

Saturday August 18th, 2001, 10pm, Key River

It spat a little yesterday evening around the camp fire, but stayed rain free last night. the wind was minimal and we all slept reasonably well. We woke to sun with spotty clouds. We set out across calm water with the sun breaking through from time to time.

The plan had been to camp on Dokis island, about 1 km from the mouth of the Key River but we were moving so well we decided to keep paddling up river to shorten tomorrow.

We stopped for lunch on Dead Island which is a sacred burial ground for a local first nation band. Stopping is okay. Camping is not. Claudine left an offering of tobacco. I could see Silver Peak in Killarney Park, which I had climbed during my Killarney trip in July. It looked spectacular. In fact the whole bay looked spectacular. Biiiiig water, speckled with smooth, round rock islands and Tom Thompson pines. Of course I had time and inclination to appreciate it today because the wind was scarcely above a stiff breeze and was more often than not at our backs.

We struck down the river past a fairly steady stream of motor boats and stopped on this really lovely rocky headland, which slopes gently toward the river. I'm camped on rock again (sigh) but that's all there is and I'm secretly hoping to give this tent a wind test.

Bugs were a factor for the first time all trip tonight. We're in close proximity to a large swamp. Not too troubling, though. Motor boats stopped a couple of hours ago.

Tomorrow we rise early (6am as opposed to between 6:30 and 7:00am) and have a quick breakfast. Then we paddle to Key Inlet, pack up and go.

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