All photos from day 4

4:30pm, Thursday, August 16, 2001, Fox Islands

We're camped somewhere in some set of islands that aren't the Bustards. We're just off a powerboat channel and there's a cottage just the other side of the peninsula that is one side of the sheltered bay our site overlooks. It's overcast and it was spitting earlier, but there's no wind to speak of. Maybe a gentle breeze.

I think we might have paddled for three hours today before we put in at our site where we'll be staying again tomorrow night. We put in just after 2pm. Georgian Bay was flat. Utterly flat. I wish we had gone to the Bustards today. But I reckon I was in the minority. We'll make a day trip tomorrow. That's the plan anyway, but the weather looks like it's going to get nasty.

I'm camped today on a patch of moss at the foot of a three foot rock incline. In a sort of gully. Exactly where they say you're not supposed to park a tent. If it rains, water will run down the rock and collect underneath your tent. After all, that's how the moss got there in the first place. But sleeping on rock was quite uncomfortable, so I'll risk it. At least for tonight. Besides which, it's sheltered.

I'm really liking my client comrades. We're all able to get along, forgive each other our foibles, and appreciate each other for who we are.

9:20pm, in the tent.

It's raining. Great dinner. Chili burritos. Might even have topped last night's dahl with rice and mango. Or not. I dunno. Tops though. I will need to be fortified if I find myself camped in a lake some time tonight. My vents are closed, my fly is pulled taught. Pray that my luck holds out and that I don't get soaked despite asking for it. I'm quite wired about that. Why? It's only water. If it gets bad I'll put the sleeping bag in the dry bag and sleep in all my clothes. Not tired. Must try to sleep. Hi flask.

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