All photos from day 2

Queen Elizabeth's Love, Georgian Bay, just west of Key Harbour, 9:30pm, Tuesday August 14th 2001

So we paddled. Then we stopped. Then we paddled, then we stopped. Then we paddled, then we camped. There. That was the day. Jim reckons we did 16km in about five hours. "A long day."

We got up around 6:30am, at Grundy Lake and had french toast. We packed the kayaks and drove off to the put in point, Key Inlet. After much futzing about we got underway. But not before I capsized my kayak while trying to get into it. Terry said the look on my face was priceless. A mix of indignation and embarassment.

It was a good dose of humility for me. From talking to folks I get the sense that I've logged more trip miles than the rest. But today was a good reminder that I am eminently capable of doing stupid things and am as much in need of support and co-operation as anyone.

We paddled down the Key River pretty much all day, with the sun shining down on us. The river was pretty dull looking and peppered with cottages and motor boats. We picked up a nasty wind some time in the early afternoon which slowed us significantly. Watching the canoes struggle, I thanked my lucky stars that I chose to kayak. Compared to what happens with canoes, sea kayaks seem immune to wind. For much of the day I felt like I was lily dipping to keep pace with the canoeists who were all working very hard to make headway.

In my head I'm revisiting my little oopsie and feel compelled to add that Claudine and Lisette also wiped out trying to get into their boats today. There. I feel better. (I should add I was the only one who took their boat with them when they fell.)

We're camped on this spectacular island with all kinds of intriguing rock forms. There are no set camp sites in most of Georgian Bay. The ground makes tent pegs useless and there's no treasure box. But the scenery is breathtaking: wind-swept pines sprinkled atop gently rounded pink and dun-coloured rock islands, with water as far as the eye can see, the earth gently bending as if to expose more islands to your grateful eyes. Even the waves are posessed of an awesome majesty and beauty. Of course, I can say that. I'm in a kayak.

I'm going to stare at the stars for a bit then me and flask are going to bed.

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