Monday August 13, 2001, 10pm

I'm lying here, alone in my three person tent, car camping 2km up the road from our put-in point at Key Inlet.

The group got on the road by 8am and drove along highway 17 to North Bay, then down 69 to 522, landing here at Grundy Lake Provincial Park at around 3:30pm.

The trip sounds leisurely and scenic. Jim Hargreaves, the guide seems very affable and knowledgeable, and he's most assuredly in charge. He's a brit who spends six months guiding jungle tours in Belize, three months guiding trips in the Arctic, has ascended to some point on K2, writes books and sells them on the internet, sings in a rock and roll band, is an accomplished sculptor, holds the world land speed record, is a practicing neurosurgeon, and has a ton of amusing stories wherein I'm sure some truth can be found somewhere. He's been doing this stuff since he left the British army about 30 years ago.

From what I can tell, the group seems like we're going to get along fine, although we're some pretty different people. Among the group we have one soldier, one DND civilian (a couple), one community health worker, one teacher, one NGO mucky muck, an accountant and one union hack (that would be me). Three men, five women.

The food tonight was good. Tofu and veggie stir fry on rice with tamari sauce. Jim prepped all the food aided only by an industrial strength food dryer and a shrinkwrap machine. And yet we still have three 60 litre bear barrells full of the stuff. And a wannigan. And a cooler. This concerns me much less than it did on the OOC trip I look last year because unlike Temagami, there are no portages on this trip. And you can't fit a bear barrell in a sea kayak.

I'm looking forward to getting onto the water and getting out of this pathetic park. I can't stand car camping. But I think it was the smart thing to do, and feel quite fortunate that it's here. I can't believe I get my tent to myself.

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