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Day 5 - Wednesday, 7/24/2002


Layover day. I managed to keep myself amused. That's as much as I can say about it. We "slept in" -- 15 minutes for some of us, namely those with tents nearest mine -- today. I held out til 7:30.

Helmut made blueberry pancakes. Delish. As Denise says, "there's something about baking blueberries into pancakes that turns them into something wonderful. On their own, they're just kind of ho hum."

They were great. Well worth the wait.

After breakfast, we sat around to digest and make plans. It turns out no one wanted to make any. Some went back to their tents, others went fishing, others went for a walk. I took a canoe, my camera and my "trail runners" and went to paddle around for a bit, trying all my LIII maneuvers. Oh my god am I ever rusty. Even on my natural side.

After an hour I walked to the top of Obstacle Island and saw Killarney -- oh park of my dreams -- and the bay. Lovely view. I went back for lunch (sandwiches with swiss cheese, sundried tomatoes in tortillas) and chatted about the days ahead.

The route had built in some contingency time for being windbound. But as that wasn't going to happen, we decided to collapse the extra day into an early departure. If my alternative is another layover day -- and this one quite likely in the rain -- I'll take Ottawa.

In the afternoon I walked around the island, pausing for an hour to -- gasp -- suntan. Well, I had to even out my tripper tan and speed the absorption of Vitamin D, after all. It made no difference that I can see. I continued on and got back for 4:30.

Dinner was fish cakes, rice and carrot salad. Rabbit food for me. Only the second time, so far, so can't complain, given that I'm the only vegetarian here.

Anyway, after dinner we all just hung out and watched the sun set and chatted. Tomorrow we do about 10km back to about where we camped on night one. The day after, it's home. Rick, Fred and Helmut were talking about what leaders take what kinds of trips. I'll have to get more info on that for future trips.

Tomorrow night is my dinner. Wish me luck.