September 19-22, 2009

Day 4

11:00pm. Sept 21, Ottawa

Glad to be home.

Woke up almost at 7am, this morning. Sun again. Three tarp installs have brought us three sunny days. Your mileage may vary.

We were on the water at 8:40 or so. We had pancakes and dawdled a bit. I had predicted 10:30 arrival at Brent. That was way too conservative.

Cedar was calm-ish but the wind was picking up. Nothing to worry about, though, and since the wind (uncharacteristically) was coming from the east, the waves were coming at us from just off our starboard bow, so it felt stable.

We were at Brent on or around 9:30.

I went for the quickest of swims. Martin remarked, “so that’s it, then?” as I dashed for the towel. He of the lengthy acquatic sojourn was clearly amused.

We stopped by the Brent store. It was closed, but the owner - who’s just doing maintenance for a few more days before heading back to winter in North Bay - spotted us and offered to open up.

We accepted. We were looking for kids t-shirts and lip balm, but after a long season, things had been picked over and we couldn’t find anything.

It is - I hasten to add - an amazing store. Complete outfitting, mixed with new, good quality gear for sale, and decorated with wilderness memorabilia that tells some of the history of the place. Half store, half museum.

Algonquin Outfitters has a station there too. I’ve never rented from them, but they’re well-regarded generally and have good taste in canoes.

There’s a boarded up motel-looking building that makes Brent look a tad forlorn, but I should think in summer it’s bustling and vibrant.

We were on the road a short while later, stopping briefly at the park office, checking for t-shirts (no luck) dropping off our permit and talking to the ranger.

I learned:

I heartily recommend chatting up park staff at every opportunity.

Note: Barbara, a moderator at myccr.com points out that motors are only allowed on any lakes in the off season: from the last Friday in June to the first Monday in September inclusive.

We stopped in Deep River for lunch at the Laurentian Dairy Bar, and Pembrooke for gas. We were home around 3pm. Time to plan the next one.

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