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Descriptions of trips I’ve taken. Mostly self-propelled outdoor adventure variety

Algonquin Park: Shall – Dickson – Booth

“Oh my,” the park ranger at Shall Lake said as I showed her our route. “I’ve never seen anyone do a trip like that before.” It was 10:00 am, on Friday, Sept. 6. Martin and I had just arrived, having…

Temagami: Turner Lake Loop

Sandy Inlet, Ferguson Bay, TemagamiAnother year, another canoe trip. This year Martin and I went to Temagami, starting on Anima Nipissing Lake and looping down to Red Squirrel, across Ferguson Bay, up Whitefish Bay, through Aston and into Turner Lakes, returning via Eagle, Little Eagle and Whitewater. If you don't know the area none of this will mean anything to you. But give the report a read. You might still like it.