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When it comes to deep sleep, I am in deep trouble

Garmin Connect sleep graph showing too much REM, not enough deep

According to my wearable, I don’t get anywhere near as much deep sleep as I should. And I’m wondering if it affects my mental health. So I’m going to try one thing to see if it helps. I’ve been casually…

Morris Island Bridge: rideable or no?

Morris Island Bridge

I did my sort-of-semi-traditional fall epic ride this weekend and I decided to take the Morris Island Bridge to get to the leaf viewing nirvana that is West Québec. It’s a bit of a quandary, though. Is it permitted? Possibly…

Algonquin Park: Cedar – Catfish – Hogan – Burntroot – Nipissing

Morning, Burntroot Lake
The first time I did this route I saw and heard more wildlife than I'd ever experienced. It's a four day foray as deep into the park and as far away from the human-inhabited parts as you can get. So it makes sense that it would be thus. But the second time I did this route I saw nothing bigger than a chipmunk. Nonetheless I figured my burgeoning canoe-tripping pro daughter should experience this trip for its remoteness. If we saw big wild animals, it would be a bonus.

I hit 2500km for the month today

Sentier des Voyageurs

I hit my Great Cycle Challenge Canada goal today on the way back from a two-loop tour of Gatineau Park. One day early even. I might take a rest day tomorrow as the weather is meant to be bad and……

Does anyone actually fix TVs anymore

Someone wants to fix this, surely

My 12 year old LED TV starts flickering after it’s been on for more than an hour, making it pretty much unwatchable. I have no idea what’s wrong with it. Something’s overheating. Who knows. But I’ve been trying to find…