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Metcalfe: 96km

So I actually got out to Metcalfe and back, unlike last week where I gave up after 49km.

Yellow Pages 1 – Google 0

I've got to the point where I never open a phone book, rarely open a newspaper and pick up the phone only as an act of desperation. The web answers all the questions I have. But today, I've learned something: Google has been hacked so severely that the Yellow Pages - as in the heap of paper - actually works better.

Almost Champlain lookout

Champlain lookout is a good after work ride. It's a couple of hours, 50ish kilometres. You work out your frustrations climbing some narsty hills, you get wide eyed with glee as you tear back down at 60 km/h. That's when the road isn't covered in snow.

McNamara still in the fog

I had such high hopes of a Dalton Camp type conversion, but Robert McNamara sticks to the official line on Vietnam and Cuba, despite lots of skilled cajoling from filmmaker Errol Morris in The Fog of War.

Apply egg liberally to face

So I've been dissing the tech people at work for being unable to keep the email server running for more than four hours at a time and unwilling to tell anybody about the problem. And then what happens?