Map & Route

Google Earth dump of our route

I must say I was very happy with my new GPS, the Garmin Montana 650. Sure, it’s big. But it’s so much of an improvement over my ancient eTrex Vista. It rotates the map display to point the way you’re facing. It acquires satellite signals instantly. It doesn’t lose them when you go into the woods. It records elevation. It tells you when the sun will rise and set.

In addition to the GPS I travelled with the Friends of Killarney Parks’s Canoe and Hiking Route Map. They have a Tyvek version now.

Route redux

Day Destination Total Distance (km) Portages Average speed Travel time
Planned Actual Count Length (m)
Day 1 Carlyle Lake 13.9 14 (approx) 4 2915 n/a 4h00m (approx)
Day 2 David Lake 16.1 18.3 3 2010 4 km/h 8h37m
Day 3 Killarney Lake 20.2 21 11 8745 3km/h 7h38m
Day 4 Ottawa 9.8 8.7 2 535 5 km/h 1h40m
Totals: 60 62 20 14205

If you’re into calculating the exertion factor, the Day two total distance should include the 12.1 km hike to Silver Peak and back.

The planned distances are from the route-making tool in Garmin BaseCamp. The actual distances are from the GPS track log. Feel free to download it, by the way but know that it includes no log of our first day paddling.

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