For the third time in as many years, my friend Martin and I went canoeing for four days. This time, Killarney Provincial Park, near Sudbury, Ontario. I've been to Killarney a few times. But Martin had never been. And if you like to paddle to beautiful places, you really must see Killarney.

So I planned a route that got us to some must-see places and got me to some lakes I'd never seen. We had our normal, four days, wanted a loop trip, and wanted to climb Silver Peak.

We were busy, but it worked.

The Reader’s Digest version:

My usual disclaimer

I'm trying to tell a story here, not provide instructions or answers. I’m not an expert and for all you know, am not even house trained. If you’re looking for advice on canoe tripping, take a course, hire a guide or join a club.

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