Day 3

Sunday July 17, 10pm, Ottawa

Oh the irony of coming back to the big city, sad to be leaving the park, but looking forward to some modern conveniences, only to have the power go out in a freak thunderstorm.

I was up at 6:00am and on the water by 7:40. I thought this entirely too early, but I just couldn't help myself. If only I could apply myself with such verve in all aspects of my life. Cedar was dead calm, although by the time I rounded the point just north of Brent, there was a wobble to the water and wind coming in from the West. That was around 8:40 or so.

Sadly the 6km flew by and before I knew it, I was taking my post-trip plunge in the water, saying thanks to the guys at the Brent Store – who were most generous with the rental rates – packing up my stuff and heading off.

I got home in time to air out the tent, the pack and various bits and things, order some takeout, sit down at the computer to look at the photos and then the thunderstorm hit, taking out the power in my neighbourhood before the first drop of rain hit the ground.

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