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Bruce Trail trip journal home page
Bruce Trail trip journal home page
Day one, August 14 2002
Day one, August 14 2002
Day two, August 15, 2002
Day two, August 15, 2002
Day three, August 16th, 2002
Day three, August 16th, 2002
Day four, August 17th, 2002
Day four, August 17th 2002
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Days subsequent

August 18, 2002

2pm A long way from High Dump... in many ways Cypress Lake Campground, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Site #116

"It's like a temple here," said the kayaker as he passed us on the sunset-lit beach. His blissed-out grin was matched by ours as we explored the Storm Haven beach yesterday. Part rock stack and slab tumbled down from the escarpment above, part white cobble stone, with incredible turquoise water -- calm yesterday, and wavy today. Gorgeous swimming (hope the chaise longue shot works out) and amazing landscape to gaze at. It really feels glorious on the escarpment edge lookouts and down on the beaches. This is a very special place.

Now we're back to car camping. Chris and Cathy have gone to get the car, which we left at km 118 two days ago. Today we are at km 133, I think. They took the map, originally to hitch hike. But the friendly park staff pointed us to someone who works at the airport nearby who could take us to our car in the woods. Probably safer than hitching, but it seems we were all up for the experience of hitching if needed.

Our walk from Storm Haven was short and lovely, with some challenging ups and downs, but nowhere near what yesterday's hike offered. More cobble beaches, stacks and lookouts -- but it seems I can not tire of looking at them. Each is as fascinating as the last.

Just got a visit from a little friend on his bike. William lives up the road (we have *lots* of neighbours here), and he was wondering if I had a car. When I showed him our packs and explained we had walked in with our stuff on our backs, he hopped on his bike and rode away. Clearly our young William brooks no freaks.

Chris and Cathy are back and are trying to park the car. My German has much improved on this trip -- as has my sucking foot wound. More on that later.


8/18/2002 Cypress Lake Campground, Site 116

We're back to car camping, and you know what? I'm pleased as punch.

I want to pause a minute to describe the strange and wonderful feeling that comes when you walk without your pack for the first time after a long hike.

It's as if someone turned down the gravity a notch or you've been walking into a gale and someone turned off the wind. You bounce. You feel like an unnatural force is propelling you forward.

I relished that feeling today when I dropped my pack at the site.

After a fitful sleep (a brief spat of rain, nearby yobs who didn't feel a need to sleep and found themselves to be very funny), we woke at 8am. More oatmeal with dried cranberries and the last of our trail coffee. Thus we committed ourselves to regaining the car 'ere sunup lest we be forced to face a day without coffee.

Wearily we hoisted our packs at 10:30am. I was expecting worse than we got. By noon-ish we were at the intersection of the Bruce Trail and the trail to Horse Lake. It was on (yet another) beautiful limestone cobble beach. The first sad sign that we were leaving the backcountry was a baby stroller equipped couple sitting on the beach with a big cooler.

The trail up to Cypress Lake is entirely flat, obstacle-free, dirt and pine needle or boardwalk. We must have looked like freaks to the sandal and tee shirt clad day hikers waltzing down to the shore, as we stomped along in our huge boots, bent over under our massive packs.

If you are trying to follow our footsteps you'll be happy to know that a local air charter company will take you back to your car from Cypress Lake for $40. Their phone number is 519-565-1555. Call them and they'll be there in an hour. They bring a van, are sweethearts and really should be knighted.

Our car was 30km away and we were planning on a half-day hitchhiking crap shoot. Time to chop veggies for our curry.


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