My personal blog renaissance

emergency exit signage

Since Elon Musk has bought Twitter, I have decided (probably like a lot of other people) to reinvigorate my blog. It’s amazing to think that it’s been almost 20 years since I’ve been publishing my blog. Though of late (oh……

December 6th: it’s been two generations

December 6th memorial

I confess to being at loss for words this year as I commemorate the 1989 massacre at École Polytechnique in Montréal. So much stuff — so many incidents of male violence against women — have been layered over it since…

How to steal rides from winter part 1: hands

45Nrth Draugenclaw Pogies
I like to keep riding outside as long as I can. Road salt, snow and ice-covered roads are hard limits for me. But temperature is a moveable one. It's quite easy to keep your core warm. And whoever heard of cold thighs. So shorts under tights and enough base layers to make you feel like a merino onion. But what to do about hands and feet?

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

The Gerry and Smokey Show

I don’t know how else to interpret today’s media event wherein UNIFOR National President Jerry Dias and OPSEU President Smokey Thomas appeared in Milton praising Doug Ford’s plan to increase the minimum wage. It seems like they’ve thrown in the…