A study in heat stroke maybe

Baked rider up close and personal

Yesterday was hot. As in Environment Canada heat warning hot. Maybe it was stupid of me but I went for a long ride anyway. It seems like there’s some form of weather warning every week now. For thunderstorms, tornados, heat,…

Deep sleep: week two brings ups the average

Garmin Connect sleep chart for week 2 of my experiment

I had some good — for me — ‘deep sleep’ nights this week. On Wednesday night my Garmin recorded 39 minutes of the stuff and I woke up feeling great. Saturday, after a big fat zero, I woke up feeling…

In search of deep sleep: the first week

Does eliminating screen time before bed increase the deep sleep you get?

After one week of eliminating screens before bed, I can confidently hypothesize that ‘other factors’ account for most of my deep sleep deficit. Or, that if screen time before bed is a factor, it will take some time before I’ll…

Morris Island Bridge: rideable or no?

Morris Island Bridge

I did my sort-of-semi-traditional fall epic ride this weekend and I decided to take the Morris Island Bridge to get to the leaf viewing nirvana that is West Québec. It’s a bit of a quandary, though. Is it permitted? Possibly…

Algonquin Park: Cedar – Catfish – Hogan – Burntroot – Nipissing

Morning, Burntroot Lake
The first time I did this route I saw and heard more wildlife than I'd ever experienced. It's a four day foray as deep into the park and as far away from the human-inhabited parts as you can get. So it makes sense that it would be thus. But the second time I did this route I saw nothing bigger than a chipmunk. Nonetheless I figured my burgeoning canoe-tripping pro daughter should experience this trip for its remoteness. If we saw big wild animals, it would be a bonus.