Nikon DSLR Camera Gear for sale

Nikon D7000 for sale

If I have my way, I will soon — for the first time since I was 14 years old — not have an SLR camera in my possession. Photography has been a part of my life since I was nine…

In-saddle picnics: fuelling for long rides

Chris Lawson at Hurtin in Haliburton 2023

I am one of these riders that forgets to eat and drink. Sometimes when I am riding with others a fellow rider will say how amazed they are at how little I eat or drink. But I suspect what they’re…

Achray to Squirrel Rapids

Detail, Opalescent Lake

The 2023 Dad-Daughter Canoe Trip I look upon all stages of my daughter’s life with joy and wonder. But this latest one is also quite handy. See this summer kiddo was a counsellor and trip guide at Camp Northway. Which…

Deep sleep: one month in

Ancient clock radio

I must say, it’s been a month like any other. Things other than sleep have preoccupied me. Weather. Work. The fam. Yea not in that order. I’ve been observing the No Screens Before Bedtime™ rule pretty religiously. Even to the…

A study in heat stroke maybe

Baked rider up close and personal

Yesterday was hot. As in Environment Canada heat warning hot. Maybe it was stupid of me but I went for a long ride anyway. It seems like there’s some form of weather warning every week now. For thunderstorms, tornados, heat,…

Deep sleep: week two brings ups the average

Garmin Connect sleep chart for week 2 of my experiment

I had some good — for me — ‘deep sleep’ nights this week. On Wednesday night my Garmin recorded 39 minutes of the stuff and I woke up feeling great. Saturday, after a big fat zero, I woke up feeling…