About cmkl

A 50-something web weirdo, partner and father of one, living in Ottawa, Canada.


I’ve been blogging here since 2003. Thus far it’s covered death in the family, selling the farm, birth of a child, changing jobs, surviving the Harper era, and of course lots and lots of kilometres paddled, skiied and cycled. Sometimes I review things I acquire, and services I use. I share things I’ve learned about web applications, and real-life projects I’ve undertaken. I write web content and produce websites for a living. I also take photos.

There are a bunch of Chris Lawsons out there, including one that also lives in Ottawa and does graphic design. I’m not the one that teaches at Algonquin College. I’m the one from Toronto that was involved in the McGill Daily, CUP, CFS and a bajillion union acronyms before heading out on my own as a self-employed person.