Deep sleep: week two brings ups the average

I had some good — for me — ‘deep sleep’ nights this week. On Wednesday night my Garmin recorded 39 minutes of the stuff and I woke up feeling great. Saturday, after a big fat zero, I woke up feeling miserable, weak and useless. On Sunday, after 27 minutes of deep sleep, I woke feeling bad but still had optimism about the day.

The average for week two was 22.43 minutes, nine or so minutes higher than my average for Jan-June 2023 and about as good a week as I ever get.

I am noticing more discrepancies between what my Garmin records and what I observe about my sleep.

Like last night I distinctly recall closing my book and turning off my light at 11pm, whereas my Garmin Instinct has me falling asleep at 10:37pm. And this morning it indicates that I woke at 7:51am. And while I may not always be the most alert person in the morning I am pretty sure by then I was on my way down to breakfast, having woken up just after 7am.

I reckon so long as I am consistently inconsistent — namely using the same device — this experiment still has some validity. But it’s going to take a lot more data to spot a pattern, as from day to day there are significant changes in the numbers (like from 39 to zero minutes) that can’t be explained by a single element of sleep behaviour.

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