Does anyone actually fix TVs anymore

My 12 year old LED TV starts flickering after it’s been on for more than an hour, making it pretty much unwatchable. I have no idea what’s wrong with it. Something’s overheating. Who knows. But I’ve been trying to find someone to fix it and even the places that fix these things are brushing me off. Shorter version: “Phhhht! Get yourself a new one. Have a nice day.”

Maybe 12 years is just too long to keep the parts around? TV repair places do warranty work only maybe, which means keeping only two or three model-years of parts. Us old farts who remember the good old days of forever appliances just annoy them.

But it’s a lot of glass, metal, plastic and fibreboard to just chuck into landfill. I can take it to a business 5km or so away and they will “reuse, recycle or dispose of properly” but surely it would be better for everyone to replace the stupid little broken resistor that’s letting off a bit too much heat or whatever.

I don’t feel like I need a bigger, higher resolution screen with built-in Roka, Chromecast or whatever. We don’t spend that much time in front of the big screen any more.

Surely there’s someone out there, Ottawa, that has a passion for keeping old things running. And by that I mean TVs.