Great Cycle Challenge Canada: Donate or I’m never gonna make it

Today I launched my fundraising campaign for the Great Cycle Challenge Canada as I launched myself on a 166km jaunt south and east of the city through Chrysler and Berwick.

I’m looking so cheery in the photo, aren’t I? You’d think I’d be thrilled with the speed I got, propelled by 30km/hr winds from the northeast. But I’d encountered an awkward detour that added about 10km to my route. And I’d just turned the corner on the wind and was facing the worst kind of wind karma for the ride home.

I can’t remember when I noticed it, but my front tire sprang a slow leak. There’s noticing it and then there’s admitting to yourself that it’s actually happening. Often there’s a time lag between the two. Squishy though it was, I decided to keep riding. There was enough air to keep the rim from hitting the road and I was desperate to get home.

Alas I forgot about the squishy tire thing when I rounded a corner, 300m from home and hit the deck. I was just going fast enough to give my left elbow, knee and hip a matching set of raspberry tatoos.

And now, as I write this, my dear partner and daughter have gone off to get ice cream. Leaving me here with my gauze pads and Polysporin.

Evidently, if I’m to make my 2500km target when the challenge starts this August, I’m gonna need help. Your help. Your donations — to the Toronto Sick Kids Foundation — are a real motivator, so even when I’m tired (or my skin feels like it’s on fire) I get back on the bike and ride.

Donations are tax-receipted and can be anonymous.

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