Challenge completed

This morning while Mallory was at ski practice I rode the last kilometres of my Great Cycle Challenge. A comfortably paced Gatineau Park loop with a bonus tour out toward the Aylmer marina.

I ended up grabbing a few extra and finishing with 2174km for the month.

It’s more than I’ve ever ridden in a month. Having everyone looking on virtually (to say nothing of donating) really helped motivate me. So thanks to all my donors and supporters.

I also appreciate the forbearance of my family. I was out riding a lot this month. That was a fair bit to put up with.

Speaking of donations, you all raised $3,456 for the Sick Kids Foundation. Thank you for that. Cancer is a hell of a journey and not suitable for children.

Also, I’ve donated $1,246.35 to the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society to help their work of building an education system worthy of Indigenous children and repairing the murderous legacy of the residential school system.

I pledged earlier to match all my August GCCC donations with a donation in support of Indigenous kids.

It’s been a great month. There were definitely days I needed a post-ride nap and I didn’t do my ‘challenge ride’ (maybe early fall — we’ll see) but I feel pretty fortunate. No tech or mech problems. No unscheduled contact with the ground. No driver belligerence. And I rode the entire month without having to get out the rain bike.