Now’s the time

Expect emails from me. And selfies. Now is the time of year when I saddle up to raise money for Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital Foundation’s Great Cycle Challenge Canada.’

It’s my fifth time doing this virtual event where riders pledge to ride a certain number of kilometres and seek to raise a certain amount of money.

This year I’m keeping it simple. I’m setting both numbers at 2150. I’m riding 2150km during the month of August and I’m looking to you to chip in your part of $2150.

Wish me luck. And donate early and big. Please. Now, I ride my bike a lot. Like a lot a lot. But this is about twice what I normally ride in a month. And in the middle of this month I’ve got a five day canoe trip planned with my daughter.

Who is the reason I’m doing this. She’s healthy — touch wood — but I feel my investment of sweat, time and mental energy is a sort of karmic down payment. Should her (or my) situation ever change, I would hope there’d be people rooting for me as am now rooting for them.

There’s another reason I’m riding this year, though. The GCCC is not a fundraiser for justice for Indigenous children murdered at residential schools. But the news that investigators have uncovered the bodies of 215 children at the site of the former residential school in Kamloops BC shook me to the core.

So I’m going to ride 10km for every life we settlers extinguished in Kamloops in our bid to colonize this land and erase the people who lived here.