Great Cycle Challenge Canada

A dollar per kilometre. This year I’m taking it to 2K. Be part of this journey.

I just bought my kid her first road bike. She’s put 65km on it since we brought it home 48 hours ago. I love biking and I love hanging out with my daughter. So for me it’s a dream come true.

Kiddo’s first road bike. I can still set the pace.

I feel spectacularly lucky.

It behooves me, however, to pay homage to the fates and pay for the privileges I enjoy. Because there are a lot of kids who can’t leave their rooms, much less ride a bike. And there are parents who can hang out with their kids, but in hospital rooms, doctors offices, treatment centres.

So for this year’s Great Cycle Challenge I’ve decided to ride 2000km in August to raise money for the Sick Kids Foundation. The foundation raises money for Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children as well as for cancer research and care.

The Challenge takes place in August (it’s normally June, but… COVID-19).

Now I know a lot of people’s thoughts are on trying to avoid the virus, worrying about or grieving for those who have not, and trying to restart life as the pandemic subsides.

I believe in a public, universal, head to toe health care system. And incomplete as it is, I support the system we have because it saves lives and makes us all healthier and wealthier.

But building a health care system that supports families of patients, that includes pharmacare, dental care, mental health care and long term care will take time (to say nothing of a different sort of government).

And a lot of people’s lives will go by — some far too quickly — before it happens. So to add some relevance to the cycling I do and ease the journeys of these kids and their families as they struggle with cancer, I ride the GCCC.

Come along with me on my journey, won’t you? Any amount is welcome and all donations are tax-receiptable.