What to do with the event jerseys

Do you have a drawer full of cycling event jerseys that you never wear? I do. You know the type. Cheap and cheerful, festooned with logos, ill-fitting and suffocating. Can’t give them away.


But Brandt-Sorenson will make them into a new jersey for you. That fits. That breathes. That you will wear.

Yes, at $250US the Dismantled/Recycled Circular jersey is pricey. But this is what clothes cost when they make them to your measurements, when the maker emails you to talk about what sort of pockets and cuffs you like. When all the work is being done in Los Angeles by people earning a living wage.

I have kit by Brandt-Sorenson and I can attest to the fact that they’re very well-put together and that you do get that ‘invisible kit’ feeling even though their fabrics don’t have that hyper-edgy feel and impossibly light weight of some other high-end brands.

The chamois in the shorts is top-drawer and the shorts plenty stretchy for bathroom breaks.

So I am really looking forward to ‘upcycling’ a crap event jersey with Brandt-Sorenson. I’ll keep you posted.