December 6th: post until it’s fixed

I wrestled with the idea of writing yet another December 6th post. When I worked for uniondom, the copy-paste platitudes we posted every year on this date and many others really frustrated  me. And yet here I was contemplating the same thing. And I think I decided that I would post something until the problem of male violence is fixed. And it’s not fixed.

I know this because:

I am heartened that this year the #MeToo movement on Twitter shed light on some powerful men and the damage they did to women they encountered. But there really needs to be a movement for everyday women to gain justice against everyday male harassers and attackers. When you see how few men accused of sexual assault ever actually face justice, it’s pretty clear to me that the courts aren’t it.

So here you have it. A set of words to warn against the misogynist violence that took the lives of fourteen young women in Montréal on this day in 1989 and to recommit myself to being part of the effort to end male violence against women. It’s not a lot but it’s one more URL against the troll-o-sphere.