Much pavement in my near future

I’m having a relaxing evening trying to get a decent earworm into my head in preparation for riding 420km from Ottawa to Kingston and back in the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour this weekend. Wish me luck and please, if you can, donate to one or both of my Great Cycle Challenge or Lap the Gats fundraisers.

Double Yellow lineIt is a long day in the saddle. Followed by another long day in the saddle. Each day is 210km with 1000m elevation gain. I definitely felt the cumulative fatigue on the way back last year. Both days were a bit dreary climatologically speaking, but Sunday felt particularly dire with a strong cross wind that did me very few favours. I am hoping that both days will be enjoyable this year and that I’ll be able to do the ride in seven hours each day. I’m not going to say anything about this year’s forecast, because… well… I may have said too much already.

I’m well trained, have had a reasonable easy week this week and have been eating and sleeping well.  I’ve got new tires. The kind people at my local bike shop, The Cyclery have been over my bike about 20 times this week smoothing every wrinkle and silencing every squeak, all while being more than polite to someone who they must fear is fast becoming their most neurotic customer.

And this will put a big dent in my 1200km goal for this month’s Great Cycling Challenge to raise money for the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. It will also be reasonably good preparation for Lap the Gats, which is late June this year.

I would like to thank my dear partner and child who indulge me continuously with their tolerance of my road cycling obsession.