Pedalling against Parkinson’s again

I'm riding Lap the Gats to raise money for Parkinson's research at the University of Ottawa. Cycling four times around the Gatineau Park 'A' loop.
Grim faced rider training for Lap the Gats
Riding to raise money for Parkinson’s research at the University of Ottawa – Lap the Gats

You don’t have to join me. You can just donate. I’m riding the Gatineau Parkway ‘A’ Loop four times — maybe five — to raise money for the University of Ottawa’s Parkinson’s research consortium.

The event, Lap the Gats, is in its third year. And each year I’ve been getting better. At fundraising too.

  • Donate to my Lap the Gats fundraiser, Three Dollars per Metre

This year my goal is to see if I can beat the 10:45am course closure and get in a fifth lap.

Each lap is 21km with 366m or so of elevation gain. No one has done five laps in the allotted time before but a few came close.

Why Parkinson’s and what is the connection to cycling? One of the things the U of O people have discovered is that if you cycle at high cadence (the speed in RPM at which you turn the pedals) you can abate certain symptoms.

Which is really cool. Admittedly hard to do while climbing the hills in Gatineau Park, but the symbolism is clear.

As is my fundraising goal. I am looking to raise $1100 — three dollars for every metre you climb on the Gatineau ‘A’ Loop.

Please donate. Any amount is welcome. You can get a tax receipt and any donation can be anonymous.