The Trudeau government needs to speak, take risks to oppose Trump

I'm not normally one to reach out to elected representatives. I'm happy to help others to do so but I'm shy myself. However I'm feeling a need to see big action from our government to stop the lunacy down south. So I just emailed my this to my MP, Catherine McKenna:

Time to take action. And risks, Mr. Sunny Ways TrudeauI’m not normally one to reach out to elected representatives. I’m happy to help others to do so — with a web application where useful — but I’m shy myself. However I’m feeling an urgent need to see big action from our government to stop the lunacy down south. So I just emailed this to my MP, Catherine McKenna:

Dear Minister McKenna,

I’m a constituent and the parent of a young child.

I’m writing because I am concerned that the federal government is not doing enough to reel in the present US administration as it rapidly becomes an extremist state built on racism, fear and misogyny.

The Trump regime’s latest executive order — a travel ban on people from Muslim majority countries — is exactly the sort of racist hostility that we saw as a precursor to more sinister and murderous acts in fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.

I’m not normally one to invoke Godwin’s law. But President Trump is truly dangerous and seems hell-bent on dismantling democracy and removing all vestiges of human rights that his non-white citizens enjoy.

I am writing because I am frankly disappointed by the stance our government is taking.

We seem like we’re scared of annoying him. We don’t want to ‘get on his hit list’ to borrow the headline from Postmedia’s Douglas Quan.

This is not what’s needed.

America needs to know the world’s anger. It needs to hear from its friendly, happy, polite, parka-clad neighbour to the north that everything is not okay.

To prove that, and how strongly we mean that, our government has to show it is willing to take risks — just as non-white Americans and indeed Canadians are now at risk — including risking our ‘precious trade relationship’.

Because that’s the thing about bullies — you don’t have to do anything to get on their hit list. You just have to exist and do nothing.

And there’s no teacher to run to. It’s down to you and your government.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • A public denouncement of Trump’s executive orders banning immigration from Muslim-majority countries
  • Amend the Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement to allow asylum seekers entering Canada via the US to apply for asylum in Canada
  • Increase the federal refugee sponsorship cap
  • Issue temporary resident permits to those left in limbo by the Trump administration’s executive orders.

Minister McKenna, I know we want the same things for our children. We want them to grow up and become the people they want to be in a world where they needn’t fear for their safety or the security of their friends, classmates, neighbours or relatives.

And because we want this for our children, we want this for all children and their parents as they do — despite what my daughter tells me — play a role in all this.

So I need to hear from you what your government is going to do in the face of the extremist regime in the US.

I look forward to a personal response.

Yours very truly,

Chris Lawson

66 Aylmer Ave.

Ottawa ON

K1S 2X3