Giving back at 50

For 50 years I've lived a pretty comfortable, privileged life. Time to give something back. I'm giving up my birthday up to fundraise for the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.
You have your health you say?
Do I ever look old

I’m giving up my birthday for charity. I figure I’ve led a pretty comfortable, privileged life for the last 50 years and am pretty damned lucky. I have a good job, my health, a lovely partner, an amazing child and enough time to do the things I enjoy.

The last thing I need is more stuff and more attention.

So between now and February 7th, 2017, when I officially turn 50, I am raising money for the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.

  • Donate to the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute via my fundraiser

They have a bunch of people there doing good things, but I’m mostly aware of the work they do on cancer treatment which has benefited more than a few people I know.

It’s not a high-profile charity with tons of marketing and public relations. They do good things, and people I’ve asked seem to agree. They deserve support — yours and mine.

So here’s the pitch:

I’m trying to raise $5000, which means all my Facebook friends would have to give $10.08. If you can go as high as $12 or even $20 you can spell off someone who’s already hit donor fatigue.

Donations are online only, via and go directly to the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. You can donate as much or as little as you want. Your name can be visible or not. You can get a tax receipt or not.