My child has a race face

My child has a race face.
Mallory has a race face
Thea’s Race. Nakkertok North. Mallory and Freddie placed first in the Atom division

My daughter has a race face. She and her BFF were in Thea’s Race today at Nakkertok. The two of them crushed their event, beating the boys and the girls.

Mallory led off the relay, positioned at the back. But once she was out of the start track she started moving up, challenging the front by the time she was at the top of the hill.

She disappeared into the woods, but by the time she came down the far side of the 600m loop she was in second, pacing the first place skier.

I was really excited. I thought “second is a great accomplishment.”

Race face: from a bad starting position to a great finish

She tagged F who flew off up the hill keeping pace. At some point in the woods, F caught and made her move on the leader because by the time F came down the hill and down the last stretch of her first loop, she was in the lead, a couple of seconds ahead.

They tagged up and Mallory took off again, putting a couple more seconds between her team and her pursuers. F did the last lap and finished maybe ten seconds ahead of the second place team from host club Nakkertok.

I want to express my appreciation to the volunteers at Nakkertok for organizing the race. It is a great thing you do.

I also want to express my appreciation for her coaches and all the volunteers at Chelsea Nordiq, the best cross country ski club in the National Capital Region. They do amazing things with the kids. Almost entirely on volunteer time.