Clif shot gels solve the ‘what to do with the tab’ problem

Clif Shot energy gels: keep the tab on This is all I’m going to be saying about gels. And other cycling ‘nutrition’. Swearsies. But for those times when I don’t want a pizza, I’ve got a new favourite – Clif Gel Shots. Don’t care what flavour. Why? Because they solve the ‘what to do with the tab’ problem.

See you eat these things while you are in motion. Trust me they are not worth stopping for. What? To savour them? So you have hands on the bars. You tear the tab off the top, try to stuff the tab into a back pocket with one hand while gingerly holding the open packet with the other – the one you’re using to steer and stay upright.

I expect a lot of riders tear the packet open with their teeth and spit the tab onto the side of the road. It’s not like hucking an old mattress or six bags of construction waste but it’s still litter.

With the Clif Shot gels you can skip all that because of a thing they call the ‘litter leash’. It’s a little strip of plastic connecting the top of the tab to the packet. So when you tear the tab off (with teeth or hands) it stays with the packet and you stuff the empty packet – tab and all – back into your jersey pocket when you’re done with it.

So simple. But it solves a problem. I’m sold.

I like the Double Expresso flavour because it’s not as sickly sweet as most of the others. Also caffeine. I like the caffeine. Especially on early morning rides when I didn’t have time to get my quota before heading out.