Handed in our notice at the day care

For the last eight years every working day our daughter Mallory has been in the care and tutelage of the teachers at Glebe Parents Day Care.

I still remember those days in July 2007 when I took Mallory to the toddler room at the main centre for her integration week.

I was far more freaked out about it than Mallory was. But the teachers were reassuring, loving and professional with me and Mallory. They shuffled me out and took over.

And every day since then through preschool to JK to seniors to the school age program at her school I have dropped her off and gone my whole day in total peace of mind that she’s being taught and nurtured in a supportive safe and caring environment.

It was very hard to give her teachers the paper today.

But she’s moved on and keen to take her next steps in the journey of her life.

And on it goes.