Biking on the wrong side of the road

I am in London for my sister’s 50th birthday party. It occurred to me that since they don’t really have what you and I understand by ‘winter’ in the UK, I should set up to go for a ride while I’m here.

Like outside. Moving forward.

But two things struck me: I have no idea where to go and they drive on the other side of the road.

So I found a cycling club that welcomed visitors on their Sunday rides near where my sister lives. They’ll know all the good routes I expect.

And for the other thing I had my taste of London roads today getting my hire bike back from the shop at London Bridge. All told? Not bad at all.

Getting used to the left side of the road seemed easy enough. You’re just pointing your bike at the part of the road with the least amount of car in it. Same as anywhere.

On the other hand the affordances between car and curb are much more miserly here. So that was a bit unnerving. Especially since I had a bag with my street shoes dangling from my shoulder banging about in the wind and perpetually threatening to fall off.

On the other other hand traffic is so slow and sluggish it was easy for me to keep pace with the cars and claim the lane. After all, you’re not holding them back if they’re not going anywhere right?

It helps also that my rental bike bike (a Trek Madone 3.1) is pretty darn good. Apart from being a testimony to the perils of white bar tape, it’s great. It feels responsive, light and comfortable.

I am looking forward to the ride Sunday. Hope I’m not too hung over to enjoy it,