Rite of passage

Mallory - agog at daddy's latest tale of life in the 'olden days'I got a pound of Bridgehead coffee for Christmas. From Mallory. She slid her debit card into the reader, punched in her PIN and did it, I’m told. I knew she was up for it because the day before, she and I had gone out to the Lindt store to get Irene a bag of chocolates. And that made me feel surprisingly chuffed. Despite my ambiguous relationship with Christmas, Landsdowne and buying things, I was thrilled to mark this milestone in my daughter’s journey through life.

She turns nine in a week. Almost a decade. I lose a bit of breath every time I say that. Or move my fingers to type the words.

She keeps referring to my childhood as occurring during the “olden days”. She asks questions like “Did you have hot dogs in the olden days? Did you have colour TV?”

And I scoff. We always thought of ourselves as living in the modern era. But then I explain how we used to listen to music, and I realize, Mallory does kinda have a point.