Where to put the bikes – my quest for a proper bike shed

Behold - the shed of my dreams We don't have a garage. We have a bunch of bikes. We've been locking them up on the porch but that's hard on the porch. So what to do. Well a shed. Of course. But what manner of shed for bikes? To ask the question is to answer it, nay? A bike shed.

Behold - the shed of my dreams We don’t have a garage. We have a bunch of bikes. We’ve been locking them up on the porch but that’s hard on the porch. So what to do. Well a shed. Of course. But what manner of shed for bikes? To ask the question is to answer it, nay? A bike shed.

Easier said (sort of) than done. See there’s lots of sheds out there in Canada, but they’re all designed for big back yards on large suburban lots. The kind of thing you chat about with your neighbour, beer in hand, over the fence on a Sunday afternoon.

But try installing that eight by eight by 12 foot monstrosity in the little nook in front of your home and, well, the bylaw people will be rolling up with their demolition rig before you can say ‘improper construction’.

So what about bike-sized sheds? Well, there’s this item from Rubbermaid. But the reviews say this is not a shed for installing, it’s a shed for laying down and avoiding.

I found another side loading, skinny shed (Sears and Home Depot sell it) but at seven feet, it’s too tall for our space – that will block our neighbours’ window.

Of course in Europe and the UK, these things are common enough.

I found this one, made by a company called Asgard, which looked really good. I was thrilled to learn that they even had a Canadian distributor.

But they won’t sell me an individual unit. The shipping (he guessed about $1200) for the £450 shed would be too much. And I’m inclined to agree. Though, I have to say, four nice bikes are worth a lot more than that.

So I have to find nine other people who want this sort of shed. Then they’ll put a bunch in a container, throw them on a ship and Bob’s yer uncle.

Who’s with me?


  1. @cmkl, @tforster – I’m on a townhouse strata with only 5 units. We’re having the same issues with a lack of garage/bike storage. we’re in North Vancouver – perhaps we can share in shipping? Where is the Canadian distributor located? thanks!

    • The Canadian distributor is in Orangeville, ON

      Asgard Secure Steel Storage – Canada
      Orangeville, Ontario
      Call: 519 941-6142
      Order via email: craig at stepinc dot ca

  2. I’m in a strata in North Vancouver and have the same issue. I was thinking of myself only but I’ll drop a note to some of my neighbours as well and see if we can get the numbers up. How many people have you got interested so far?

      • Hi there,
        Are you still looking for buyers? I’m interested and live in toronto. I can probably get more people too.

        • Hi Carolina,

          I gave up and bought a cedar shed that’s made for really big suburban garbage cans. The winter was closing in on me and I had to make a move. It works well enough but it would have been great to have one of these instead. Best of luck. Email me if you need the distributor’s contact information.

  3. cmkl, just saw your post. I’m looking for a bike shed, but may not be able to get the Asgard. How does you cedar shed work out? I may have to do the same. I live in N. Vancouver. Thanks.

    • It has worked fairly well. The one problem we have had is with door hardware. The hinges were not supplied with strong enough screws and opening the doors against resistance from snow went badly. Not a problem you’d experience in North Van.

      Also it would be worth building a proper platform for it if it’s going on interlocking brick or similar. The shed wants to live on solid, level ground.

      • Hi there, we live on the north shore also and are strata living – we need bike storage and wonder where you got your cedar shed?..too bad about Asgard….

        • I got it from Outdoor Living today. I believe it’s this model. They’re located in Maple Ridge BC. They really look after you, making sure the kit got delivered, that you had everything you needed to put it together etc etc.

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