Mommy lick bum

Apparently you’re not supposed to maximize the entertainment value of particularly funny toddler phrases by getting your child to repeat them. The proper thing to do, assuming that your objective is “teaching them to speak correctly and with confidence™”, is to treat all their speech seriously and speak the words normally, even if they don’t.

So the correct thing to say when Mallory utters the phrase that titles this post is, “yes, that’s mommy’s lip balm.”

But it’s really hard to do.

Some other funny Mallory sayings and pronunciations:

  • eyesbrows
  • bah-moo
  • loon duck
  • Veaver
  • ma dina
  • pony hair
  • kapatch
  • my own self
  • …countless more

I know I’ve already written about this but I want to make sure I have some record of how she spoke. I have a short video clip of her saying ‘dog’ at eighteen months. We were so excited. But to hear it now, it hardly sounds like speech.

So when we’re having our first argument about how late she can stay out, I want to be able to remember these days and the wacky things she said.


  1. And what would Mallory have been saying, were she 'speaking correctly'?When Rayna was a toddler I'd hold up a fork and ask her what is was just to entertain guests. At 13 she's ended up being pretty literate. Just sayin'Vicky and Pat's son has a hockey vocab already. At 15 months his 'puck' sounds an awful lot like c*ck. I think it's hilareous. The parents offer translations as necessary.I say have fun parenting WHEREVER you can get it!

  2. Gordie's "puck" is getting better. Thank goodness. Of course, now he is enjoying saying "poop"

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