Dave Kappele, activist, absent friend

Dave Kappele, a man I worked with about fifteen years ago at the Ontario Federation of Students has died suddenly at 45.

We didn’t work together for very long. I was on my way out when he came on board as a field worker, one of the brave souls who’d go out on campus and leaflet, organize, beseech and beg student councils.

He was funny, resilient, compassionate, smart, friendly, warm and committed.

We used to talk politics a lot, over beer at the Duke of Gloucester, two doors up from the OFS office and the organization’s official north wing.

At the time Dave was very involved in the NDP. Events of the time (this was when Bob Rae was Ontario’s first, only and I fear last, NDP premier) had made me extremely cynical about electoral politics and the usefulness of the NDP.

But I told Dave that if he were to run, I’d go work for him. Wherever, whenever.

He was that kind of man. There’s a memorial site for him.


  1. Dave always managed to stay about the madness at OFS/CFS. I was in awe of that… -Greg

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